QD BOOTS Neoprene boots

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Neoprene boots for diving and water sports that are easy to put on and provide pleasant thermal comfort thanks to a quick-drying inner layer.

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First-class thermal comfort and convenience. These were the goals of EnthDegree's QD Boots neoprene boots from the very beginning, and we've managed to meet them perfectly, making the boots one of the absolute best in today's diving and water sports market.

The boots are made of super stretchy 5mm neoprene, equipped with a Quick-Dry lining all over the inside. This combination of the material used and the eyelets on the heel make it incredibly easy to put on and take off, without using an annoying, stiff, and non-waterproof zipper that would break sooner or later anyway. The QD Boots neoprene boots are so flexible and comfortable, they dry quickly and keep you warm.


  • The heel stop keeps the fin strap in place and prevents it from accidentally slipping off.
  • A comfortable 200 g/m2 Q-Dry fleece inner lining ensures you wear a comfortably dry shoe every time. The functional material reflects infrared radiation back into the body, making it thermally equivalent to much thicker neoprene without increasing weight or buoyancy.
  • The angled ankle is in a position that is natural for all active water sports enthusiasts. The boot fits great on the foot for recreational diving in fins or just surfing or kitesurfing.
  • An innovative conical cuff with a smooth inner side provides a functional seal at the top of the boot, preventing unwanted water ingress.***

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